Monday, April 30, 2012

now i find her beauty as an Asian girls in red ..brown makes her old 
and i worked on my sketch again...
so somehow she is done maybe i use this portrait somewhere else on big canvas
i believe in every little thing that makes it speciall
hah! done ! i am looking for a good seance but i cant reach it
ps: some asks me why do  u write in English? 
u know i 've  lernt English years ago but i hav'nt ever been in another country so the  best way to 
keep it  for my self  is just to think in English about my feelings.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

This portrait belongs to a nice lady 
i don't know her much i asked her too give me some  glass portrait picture 
so i start too sketch and put mt own lighting and colors ..i couldn't exaggerate on her typical
forms so i do it on the glass the final picture is not bad! but i like it 
u know i have to work more on this painting is a long time needed experience takes 
3 or 4 hours painting and cleaning and re sketching re coloring while she was textin me something strange about feeling sad ...about herself  specialty i didn't understand even a word of that women are complicated 
but beauty is a simple way how to make complicated think s into simple kind is so complicated 
... i just want someone understands me in the simple way i live love like and leave ...