Saturday, June 30, 2012

she is as beautiful as a Disney character comes out of the screen ...
like a fairy   ...

Monday, June 25, 2012

this girl asked me too paint her 
i said i need u to draw 
she gave me some pictures  so i find it not enough but not bad for painting 
so i sketched and put some light on her face and make it with oil on paper 
then i asked her a kiss ..shut up! she said 
this is it 
dhe has an ancient portrait i'll do more on this later 
and i will ask again and again 
people always left me for being who i am not pretend to be !
not an artist i mean a horny lonely sad scared boy that hates masturbation
so being ur self is easy just feel what u can't feel
then fell down .. 
special tnx to my friend Mrs. N
i love this and i'l work it more i hope i can find more of her 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

usually i pick girl's portraits to me it is beautiful just like a piece of  a flower 
but i do know that flowers can be poisoned u don't have too eat anything in the world too
fell the joy of that u can just pick a moment ...u can have ur imaginations  u can love and leave just in 2 seconds
u can't love anybody other than yourself  ...everything we love is a part of us 
nothing outside  u see is beautiful  ..  
ps: i love you my brother cause you are a big piece of me and you are in my heart