Thursday, March 29, 2012

the German wolf
she feels like a wolf a beautiful one! even she had many dogs wanna catch her 
she runs like a wolf and smells the blood and smoke in the air ....
you know to me i am not a lamb even a dog i am just a kid a child needs to protect. how can a wolf 
protects a kid? she doesn't scare at all just like a wolf!! and i don't know the scares meaning...
i am looking to her attractive wild scared bloody and beautiful face  i just hope she comes to me one day not like a dog ! i want a wolf be a bird 
ps: she is yellow mad and yellow 
pss:this portraits is what she feels to me ! 
psss:دلم میخواد یک گرگ رو رام کنم 
pssss: it is crazy life is crazy wanna make it means 

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